Toddlers Academy

Policy Statement​

Praise and positive reinforcement are eftective methods of behavior management of children. When children receive positive, nonviolent, and understanding interactions from adults and others. they develop good self-concepts, problem solving abilities, and self-discipline. Based on this belief, Toddlers Academy Daycare uses a positive approach to discipline and practices the following discipline and behavior management techniques.


1. Communicate to children using positive statements.
2. Communicate with children on their level.
3. Talk with children in a calm quiet manner.
4. Explain unacceptable behavior to children.
5. Give attention to children for positive behavior.
6. Praise and encourage the children.
7. Reason with and set limits for the children.
8. Apply rules consistently.
9. Model appropriate behavior.
10. Set up the classroom environment to prevent problems.
11. Provide alternatives and redirect children to acceptable activity.
12. Give children opportunities to make choices and solve problems.
13. Help children talk out problems and think of solutions.
14. Listen to children and respect the children’s needs, desires and feelings.
15. Provide appropriate words to help solve conflicts.
16. Use storybooks and discussion to work through common conflicts.


1. Inflict corporal punishment in any manner upon a child. Physical force to the body includes, but is not limited to, spanking, hitting, shaking, biting, pinching, pushing, pulling, or slapping.)
2. Use any strategy that hurts, shames, or belittles a child.
3. Use any strategy that threatens, intimidates, or forces a child.
4. Use food as a form of reward or punishment.
5. Use or withhold physical activity as a punishment.
6. Shame or punish a child if a bathroom accident occurs.
7. Embarrass any child in front of others.
8. Compare children.
10. Leave any child alone, unattended or without supervision.
11. Allow discipline of a child by other children.
12. Criticize, make fun of, or otherwise belittle a child’s parents, families, or ethnic groups.
13. Place children in a locked and/or dark room.
Conferences will be scheduled with parents if particular disciplinary problems occur. If a child’s behavior consistently endangers the safety of the children around him/her, then provider has the right, after meeting with the parents and documenting behavior problems and interventions, to terminate Child Care Services for that particular child.


If, at any point, there is an indication/suspicion that a child may have special needs, will inform the child’s family and make contact with Baby Net for assessment and assistance. My signature below indicates that I have received a copy of the discipline policy, it has been reviewed with me, and I have read and understand this policy.